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Evan Su



Los Angeles, CA

Evan is a second-year student in Seventh College studying Structural Engineering. As someone who grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, he’s been surrounded by a homogenous group of people from similar backgrounds and thus has a liking for the comfort and community that such a group of people can bring into his life. Conversely, he also appreciates the diversity and new perspectives he’s experienced coming to UC San Diego, and even more so after joining Alpha Kappa Psi and getting to know the brothers with all their different backgrounds and unique interests.


Professionally, Evan is still looking for an outlet for his personal and professional skills. While he is interested in structural engineering and the concepts and physics behind how the many structures in our world work, he’s also found a new enthusiasm for computer science and programming and is interested in the ever-expanding world of digital technology from both a professional and intellectual standpoint. His multiple internships over the past summers with Epson, a computer technology company, have helped him learn about both the technical and business sides of a tech company, as well as the ins and outs of navigating and functioning in a corporate office. He looks forward to expanding his horizons and broadening his skill set in the near future.


In his free time, Evan enjoys discovering new spots on or around campus by bike, braving challenging hikes with rewarding views, and is extremely passionate about music — whether that be playing it, listening to it, or making it. He has an abundance of experience in playing classical cello as well as piano and has dabbled in guitar through the means of Ed Sheeran and One Direction singalongs. He’s also a beginner DJ, which is kind of fun. A self-proclaimed connoisseur of a plethora of genres, he’s fond of both hip-hop and classical music, enjoying particularly the symphonies and cello concertos of the late Romantic Era. Additionally, Evan is an avid and skilled basketball player, and after moving to San Diego, he’s also gained a newfound affinity for surfing and volleyball, things that exemplify his love for constantly exploring and trying new things. Evan has grown to love and appreciate the unwavering brotherhood and constant support within Alpha Kappa Psi, and can’t wait to create more life-long bonds and everlasting memories with his brothers.

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