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Ethan Ta


Fullerton, CA

Ethan is a second year from Marshall College majoring in Cognitive Science - Design and Interaction and minoring in Anthropology. Being an only child, Ethan values independence, imagination, and making fun wherever he goes. His life motto is “go wherever life takes you” which inevitably led him to join Alpha Kappa Psi, where he discovered a home away from home with his new brothers.


When Ethan entered UC San Diego, he came in as a human biology major and was unsure with what he really wanted to do in life. After taking a design course, he fell in love with the subject and immediately switched majors. Design excites Ethan because it allows him to tug at his creative strings, think critically, and most importantly, have fun! As of now, Ethan is immersing himself in learning all he can about UX/UI and product design and working on little design projects with his friends. In the future, Ethan hopes to land a job where he can help solve people’s problems and build a happier, well-designed world.


In his free time, Ethan enjoys gardening, going on road trips with his friends, playing League of Legends, drinking overpriced kombucha, and eating McRibs. During COVID times, Ethan has been watching a lot of Wes Anderson films, with the sole reason being that Wes Anderson films are simply cool. Ever since joining Alpha Kappa Psi, Ethan’s time in college has been nothing short of exciting. He knows he can depend on his brothers for anything and everything, anytime and anywhere. Ethan continues to be inspired by his brothers’ zest for life and can’t wait to make more memories with them all in the coming years.