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Erin Lee



Los Angeles, CA

Erin Lee! She’s a third-year majoring in International Studies - Political Science with an interest in Business Entrepreneurship. Whether it be a stimulating debate or a deep heart-to-heart, Erin values meaningful and thoughtful interactions. She hopes that, with every encounter, she will learn something new, and strives to leave an impactful impression on the people around her.


n order to pursue a career in law, Erin is applying herself in various concentrations in the field. Through her most recent internship at the San Diego Superior Court, she was exposed to different types of legal professions and found value in serving the greater San Diego community. Still, Erin is considering careers in project management and consulting. The choices are limitless and Erin wants to explore all that she can before making a final decision. Post grad, she is hoping to work abroad in East Asia. She wants to integrate policy and business management to access topical issues in underdeveloped countries’ economic and political systems.


In her free time, Erin enjoys playing and watching soccer, watching movies, and bowling. She often takes advantage of her newfound licensed freedom by spontaneously adventuring to new places with her friends. These days, she has been spending most of her time with her brothers. Through Alpha Kappa Psi, Erin has received so much love and support in both her professional and personal growth. All of her best memories have been with her brothers, and she can’t wait to make more throughout the next two years of college.

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