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Ellya Hamada



San Diego, CA

Ellya Francine Hamada is a third-year undergraduate student studying Business Economics at Sixth College. Born and raised in San Diego, she enjoys the familiarity of her hometown and wants to build a business celebrating her Filipino heritage and pursuing her mother’s dream of opening a bakery. She walked into college believing that she had no real passion for anything and decided that business or finance was the most versatile degree to attain. But the more she found herself enjoying her management and economics classes, she realized her true passion in helping others and ultimately finding her passion in making dreams a reality for others.

From a young age, Ellya has always had multiple interests. She found herself always moving from one thing to another. But over time she found the consistencies in her hobbies as it soon translated into her future career pursuits. Other than her interest in entrepreneurship and being the rich auntie of her family, she recently decided to pursue real estate and hopefully build the home of her dreams one day. Ultimately, she hopes to pursue a career within a company that she can fully support and manage the finances of that company, hopefully earning a position where people can come to her for financial advising.

In her free time, you can find Ellya going out dancing with her friends or going on random trips to LA or Irvine to try new foods and dessert places. She also enjoys going out hiking in the mornings and being outside in the sun. She dedicates a lot of her time working and spending time with her family when she can. Her dedication to family and giving back allows her to overcome any obstacles in her way, leading her to be able to serve the community that raised her into the person she is today.

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