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Elizabeth Lee



Cupertino, CA

Elizabeth is a third year pursuing a major in Cognitive Science with a specialization in Machine Learning and Neural Computation as well as a minor in Computer Science. She was born in South Korea, but lived most of her childhood in Singapore before moving to America. Because she was exposed to many different cultures when she was younger, she lives according to both Korean and American values. Her beliefs center around cultivating genuine relationships through quality time and thought-provoking discussion.

Professionally, she desires to pursue a career in Software Engineering or Artificial Intelligence in either the bio-tech industry or the automotive industry. Currently, Elizabeth is working on expanding her skill set in several programming languages and algorithms. After graduating from UCSD, she plans to work abroad in South Korea, in order to reconnect to her roots and traditional culture. She believes that experiencing life outside of America is essential in building a well-rounded perspective on life and the world.

Elizabeth’s interests revolve around food as she loves to cook, bake, and grocery shop as a form of therapy and stress-relief. She also enjoys late night drives and discovering new indie artists. She first joined AKPsi after witnessing the beauty of its brotherhood, and through AKPsi, Elizabeth was able to join a family-like community. She was blessed with the opportunity to grow with her fellow brothers both professionally and personally.

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