Drew Colman



Mill Valley, CA

Drew is a fourth-year transfer in Marshall College majoring in International Business with a minor in Chinese Studies. Coming from a non-traditional education background of attending a new college every year and growing up in the Bay Area, moving to San Diego and starting a new school was definitely challenging; however, she’s taken this new opportunity to step outside of her comfort zone and take advantage of all the resources and organizations UCSD has to offer.


Professionally, Drew is focusing on pursuing a career in consulting or product management. She hopes to use her passion for collaborating with others and problem solving to help businesses grow and support local entrepreneurs. Her enthusiasm for studying Mandarin truly stemmed from a high school study abroad program in Beijing and learning more about her cultural background. This experience has influenced her desire to work abroad in East Asia after graduation and travel the world to strengthen her global acumen.

In her free time, Drew enjoys exploring new music and creating Spotify playlists, tagging along to late-night Denny’s runs, and reading books on self-development. Being in Alpha Kappa Psi has allowed Drew to surround herself with hard-working, compassionate, and supportive individuals whom she can go to celebrate the wins and share the losses. She’s grateful to call her brothers in AKPsi her family and can’t wait to continue making lifelong memories with them.