Daniel Huynh.png

Daniel Huynh


San Jose, CA

Daniel is finishing his last year at UC San Diego majoring in International Business and minoring in Computer Science. Being from the Bay Area, Daniel has always been excited and eager to learn about all of the new technologies that push the edge of innovation in this world. One of Daniel's highest aspirations is to be able to give back to his community and he has started to do so already by creating his own family-run charity called the Vinh Kim Charity to give back to those in impoverished communities back in his mother's hometown village in Vinh Kim, Vietnam.


Professionally, Daniel plans to pursue a career in Software Engineering and eventually transition into Product Management. In 2019, Daniel had the opportunity to intern at Bainbridge Consulting as a Business Analyst where he learned about business strategy and optimization and hopes to carry that into his future career path. Ultimately, Daniel wants his work to culminate in creating a positive impact on the world.


In his free time, Daniel has a wide range of interests and hobbies that he likes to maintain and share with his friends. Some of those hobbies include spontaneous hot yoga sessions, mountain biking, and listening to the latest music releases. Joining Alpha Kappa Psi has been one of the foundational building blocks of Daniel's life because of the huge support system that Alpha Kappa Psi offers. He feels like he would not be who he is today without the help of his brothers.