Cyrus Lee



Walnut, CA

Cyrus is a fourth-year from Sixth College majoring in Economics with a minor in Accounting. With his studies, he attempts to utilize various microeconomic and macroeconomic theories to understand different phenomena happening in the economy. Growing up in Hong Kong, Cyrus strives to embrace the differences in cultures wherever he goes, which also contributes to his passion for traveling around the world and exploring different lifestyles that foreigners live. In addition, he also enjoys learning new languages. He is currently interested in learning Japanese, having learned English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish previously.


Cyrus’s interest in business stemmed from his business-centered family. During high school and college, he was introduced to finance and accounting, which allowed him to get a better insight into the way that the stock market works. To date, Cyrus is interested in working in the fields of finance and accounting after graduating from college. During the summer of his first year, Cyrus interned at Deloitte as a Personal Tax Intern in the Global Employer Services team. There, he primarily worked on working visa applications for foreigners and kept track of ledgers to realize expenses. After Deloitte, to gear himself towards the field of finance, Cyrus began interning at Bainbridge Capital as an M&A Analyst Intern, where he focused on performing due diligence and researching for acquirable targets for his clients, which are mainly private equities. Recently, Cyrus joined Lightspeed Venture Partners as an Investor Relations intern. As a venture capital with a global presence and an emphasis on investing in early-stage companies within the enterprise, consumer, and healthcare sectors, he works mainly on fundraising and bridging communications between the firm and its investors. With his experience in finance and accounting, Cyrus is looking to work in finance, either in venture capital or as a financial analyst.


During his leisure time, Cyrus enjoys spending time outdoors. He often finds himself playing tennis, basketball, surfing, snowboarding, and more. As a huge sports fan, he also enjoys watching soccer, basketball, tennis, and football games. Outside of sports, Cyrus likes spending time with his friends through exploring nature or playing video games. Lastly, you would also find him exploring restaurants and coffee shops.