Cynthia Leung.png

Cynthia Leung


San Francisco, CA

Cynthia is an upcoming fourth-year student in Marshall College who is majoring in Political Science/Data Analytics and pursuing a minor in Data Science. Ever since she was a kid, Cynthia has been curious about the world, constantly annoying her parents with random questions about the many things she didn't understand. This caused her to try many different fields, from journalism to chemistry. Eventually, Cynthia switched into her current major and minor at the end of her second year and discovered her passion for data. In the future, Cynthia hopes to pursue a career in data science or research. Currently, she is working on a research paper analyzing anti-Asian sentiment during the pandemic.


In her free time, Cynthia enjoys doing anything outdoors, trying out new restaurants with her friends, and playing board games with her family. Since the shelter-in-place order, Cynthia has been making foods, such as banana milk iced coffee, to mimic her favorite orders from places in SD while she's at home.