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Jessie Ha



Rosemead, CA

Jessie is a 2nd year Cognitive Science major with a minor in Computer Science. Cultivating her passion for design, machine learning, and software engineering(SWE), she is actively immersing herself in coursework, hands-on projects, and licenses on Amazon. Committed to both hard work and enjoyment, she values a balanced approach to her academic journey at UC San Diego.


While Jessie remains open to exploring various paths in the technical and creative realms within the tech industry, her passion for technology traces back to her upbringing among a gaming circle where at the age of 8, she tinkered with Minecraft through jailbreaking. Throughout high school, she early anticipates expanding her horizons, aiming to merge her technical and business acumen, evident in her entrepreneurial venture of starting a reselling business. Currently serving as a Product Manager and Data Analytics assistant, she embraces the intersection of tech and business.


In her free time, Jessie indulges in cafe hopping in search of the perfect matcha latte, spontaneous mall trips, and mastering claw machines. She’s also deeply appreciative of the supportive and diverse community she’s found in AKPsi, where these hardworking individuals propel each other towards personal and professional success.

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