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Evan Ji



Yucaipa, CA

Evan Ji is a forward-thinking Business Economics major at the University of California San Diego, deeply passionate about fashion, entrepreneurship, and product management. He enjoys innovative problem-solving and finds purpose through establishing meaningful relationships with those around him, creating bonds that will endure a lifetime.


Evan's work experience highlights his approach to marketing and his ability to drive impactful results. As a Preventive Care Marketing Assistant at Loma Linda University, he played a pivotal role in recruiting participants for a COVID-19 study, leveraging social media to significantly increase engagement. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his successful ventures, "Tsukimi" and "Galaxy Imports," where he has shown exceptional skill in design, marketing, and strategic planning, resulting in substantial business growth. Evan explores interests beyond his major, including cryptocurrency investment and digital assets, demonstrating a keen eye for emerging markets and technologies.


In his downtime, Evan channels his creativity through fashion and photography, merging aesthetics with moments captured through his lens. A sports fan, he enjoys football and basketball seasons, finding joy in competing in fantasy football leagues. Evan is also known for his spontaneous adventures with friends, a testament to his enjoyment of life and exploration. These outings often lead to culinary experiments or discovering a new cafe, as he relishes in new food experiences. Looking ahead, he aspires to spearhead a collaborative project with his peers, harnessing the collective creativity and energy of his circle. As a first-year joining Alpha Kappa Psi, Evan feels deeply connected to and grateful for the community and opportunities it presents, seeing it as a foundational step towards personal and professional growth.

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