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Conor Lu



Chino Hills, CA

Conor is a third year studying Business Psychology with a specialization in management. Born and raised in Chino Hills, Conor began his path and attended school at the University of California, Riverside then shortly after transferring to the University of California, San Diego. Although initially pursuing a career in Marketing; Conor realized that his love in the field of business was creating and planning events for others to enjoy, leading him to switch routes towards the management side.

Conor always enjoyed hosting and planning events early on, unknown to him that it would be the burst of inspiration that would lead him to chase a career in management. He hopes to explore management and all of its sectors for the experience that would ultimately lead to his end goal of managing large events such as concerts, festivals, esports tournaments, or in general within the entertainment industry. That however does not limit Conor to trying other industries or even other fields of business in that matter as he is always open to new experiences that can further his skill sets. His experience expands from working within the food industry to becoming a Social Media Strategist Intern for a start-up podcast. With each new experience to the next, Conor is inspired to learn as much as he can and apply his knowledge to succeed in whichever position he finds himself in.

In his free time, Conor enjoys playing basketball, trying and rating new foods, working out, and hanging out with his friends. He loves to embrace his creative side and embark on spontaneous adventures with his friends and go wherever life takes him.

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