Clara Kim



Centreville, VA

Clara is a fourth-year student from Eleanor Roosevelt College and is majoring in Business Psychology. She is passionate about building relationships with people and hopes to find real connections not only in her daily life, but also in her professional career. As a Korean woman who was born in Brazil and raised in America, she understands the importance of communication that can transcend cultural and linguistic barriers. She values teamwork and perseverance, and believes that every successful team has healthy communication and good working relationships.

With her interest in communication and interpersonal skills, Clara is eager to be in a position where she can foster a healthy and cooperative environment at the workplace. She hopes to do so by working in the field of Human Resources and Recruiting. Although she may not have much experience in her chosen career field, her passion for making and sustaining great relationships helps drive her forward in her search for new opportunities. Currently, she is researching the technological skills that professionals use in Human Resources and Recruiting, and hopes to learn more about the specialized branches within her chosen fields.


In her leisure time, Clara loves finding new shows to watch, playing with her cats, and catching up with her friends. She also enjoys working with her hands, and has been found stress knitting during finals week. Currently, she’s trying to crochet a small plushie as her first big knitting project, and she is excited for the final result.