Christian Hendric



Walnut Creek, CA

Christian is a fourth-year student in Sixth College studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Business. His interest in business stems from his upbringing in a hardworking, business-oriented family. He was raised in an Indonesian immigrant family and remembers spending time helping in his dad’s ice cream shop as a child. Later, he was inspired after witnessing his father begin his now successful technology consulting business. Seeing his father’s challenges and successes has provided first-hand insight into how to run a successful business. He aims to use this experience and one day run his own business. His experience in a Christian household has also provided an understanding of how to lead with humility and love.


Christian believes in taking life by its reins, honestly reflecting, and taking active steps to improve oneself. He believes in accepting total responsibility for all aspects of oneself – physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual – as it is the moment one claims the power to change anything in their life. He finds himself sharing his enthusiasm on topics of self-improvement and personal insight. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “Miracle Morning” are two of his favorite books and can give great personal development book recommendations.


Christian has many different passions and believes in having many skills ranging across different industries. He aims to pursue a career that involves connecting with people and working in a team. He is the co-founder of Spartan eComm LLC, an eCommerce business aimed at finding trending products and selling them online using Shopify. This opportunity has allowed him to learn more about how certain language, imagery, and website layouts will lead to different brand perceptions by their customers. This year, he will take more steps in product management since he aims to combine his technical background with his passion for connecting with people.


Christian is an avid traveler and always makes time to explore new cities and try the local cuisine whenever he gets the chance. This past summer, he traveled to Indonesia and took a cruise around Europe, starting in Spain and stopping in France, Italy, Monaco, and Ibiza. You can find Christian holding a DSLR camera wherever he goes as he never knows when the right shot will appear. One of his side businesses is product and wedding photography/videography. Lastly, he enjoys playing basketball and bodybuilding the most. But, he will never say, “no” to doing what excites on a snowboarding trip in the mountains.


As a transfer student from Santa Monica College, Alpha Kappa Psi has enabled him to grow in an accepting community with other like-minded individuals, and he is looking forward to making more memories with them.