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Christen Xie



Albany, CA

Christen Xie is a third year Computer Engineering major! Having worked through a multitude of teams ranging from sports to academia, Christen highly values teamwork and collaboration. He loves nothing more than succeeding with a team that he has bonded with tightly.

Christen really enjoys studying the intricacies of math and would love to use them to make the world a better place. In addition, having volunteered for the Materials Virtual Lab along with participating in a few research projects, Christen has developed an appreciation for problem solving. Furthermore, his passion for  computer science has led him to Triton Software Engineering and a social media startup, candid, where he has been working with a variety of frontend and backend technologies to develop and deploy a mobile application. He has also been working on an automation bot that fills out surveys for his absolute favorite food 5-star restaurant: McDonalds. He is inspired by the power of science and hopes to create a positive impact going forward.

In his free time, before anything else, Christen absolutely loves pilates. Christen also enjoys watching Roman Empire as well as studying luxurious comforters. As a former barista, he is a dedicated fan of making coffee and exploring cafes. He also be found playing a variety of sports, ranging from basketball to rowing and everything in between. He believes everything is made better with some Mozart. Especially Mozart - Symphony No. 25 in G minor, K. 183. While, Christen may not be studying business, Alpha Kappa Psi has still given him a lot. He could not have found the knowledge and professional development found in the fraternity anywhere else. He is thankful for all the memories and growth that Alpha Kappa Psi has presented him.

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