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Chloe Lee



Monterey Park, CA

Chloe is an upcoming 4th-year majoring in Cognitive Science - Design and Interaction. Although she used to be a Statistics major, she soon realized that her interests lied in UX Research and Design. With this new major, Chloe hopes to use her math skills to aid her in conducting meaningful research. She highly values principles such as empathy, usability, and respect in both her work and personal life. In order to hone her design research skills, she is working at the Cognitive Media Lab on research regarding misinformation on social media platforms. Chloe also spends time at the Design Lab conducting research on autonomous vehicles as a research intern.


In her free time, she enjoys making Spotify playlists, watching Netflix shows, going to the gym, and finding tattoo inspiration. Chloe looks forward to seeing new faces this spring quarter and meeting new people to capture moments with!

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