Chloe Lee.png

Chloe Lee


Monterey Park, CA

Chloe is currently a second-year studying Probability and Statistics in Eleanor Roosevelt College. Although she agrees that math is a tedious and frustrating subject, she enjoys using data to delve into a variety of phenomena in human behavior. Because of this, she intends to learn the necessary coding languages, such as Python and R, to break into the UX Research industry despite having no experience prior to college.


Before COVID, Chloe simply enjoyed being around her brothers, whether that was going out for boba, spending an afternoon at the beach, or singing songs at karaoke. The pandemic has clearly taken a toll on everyone in the past year, but to prevent having existential crises in the middle of the night, Chloe hopes to start living more "in the moment". Instead of dwelling on the past and worrying about the future, she wants to focus on taking each day at a time.


In the meantime, she has been biding her time watching TV shows, playing online games with friends, and curating playlists. While her quarantine life seems quite relaxing, Chloe still counts the days until she can be with AKPsi as a whole.