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Bowie Szeto



Walnut, CA

Bowie Szeto is a second-year Business Economics major at Warren College. Growing up, he was able to gain a diverse perspective on professional life by observing his father, who was a photographer, and his mother, who was a business executive. Today, Bowie’s professional goals are formed by his constant search to balance creativity and stability within his career.

Seven years ago, Bowie began to teach himself to sew, a journey that allowed him to express his creative vision through fashion. Eventually, this led to him conceptualizing and building his own fashion brand, MALWARE. Central to the ethos of the brand is a focus on self-expression and gender fluidity, something Bowie plans to convey through nonconforming, unisex clothing. Professionally, however, he hopes to work in the finance industry, whether it is as an analyst for an investment bank or a private equity firm. Though the connection to fashion is unclear, Bowie plans on bridging this gap by working at a firm that specializes in investing in luxury goods and cosmetics. Whether it be as an entrepreneur or a financial analyst, he believes that it is crucial to always inject his unique perspectives and personality into all the work he does.

In his free time, you’ll often find Bowie exploring new artists and genres, ranging from indie to rock. The soundtrack to his life accompanies his many spontaneous adventures to the beach and through the city. Whether it be thrifting at a local flea market or grabbing boba at 1 am, Bowie is extremely grateful to have found a family with Alpha Kappa Psi to experience his college years with.

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