Arjun Gujral.png

Arjun Gujral


Los Altos CA

Arjun is an upcoming third-year at Warren, majoring in Cognitive Science spec. Machine Learning and Neural Computation. As a Bay kid moving to San Diego for college, Arjun has straight-up loved the socal vibes and can be seen cruising on his longboard along the beach and around campus. He’s also a huge sports fan so you can catch him swiping through box scores and ESPN articles to stay up to date on the NBA and NFL. When he’s not hooping on the weekends or cooking up some fire stir-fry, Arjun’s usually in the studio rapping over beats and making some vibes.


In the future, Arjun plans to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions and start his own start-up company in the Silicon Valley. If the start-up gig doesn’t work out (or even if it does), he hopes to work in the front office of a sports franchise and break into the music industry as an independent artist.