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Anna Le



Anaheim, CA

Anna Le is a third year Human Biology major with a growing interest in Pharmaceutical studies as well as Business and Administration. She values the importance of self improvement through trial and error. She also finds significance in building meaningful relationships with the people around her, aspiring to make her experience at UC San Diego worthwhile.


With intentions to pursue a career in the Pre-Health field, Anna is still navigating her designated interests in the specific field. Her interest for a healthcare concentration stems from her experience as a Junior Volunteer at the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital. By dedicating the time to take on shifts every week, she found value and satisfaction in giving back to the community while doing something she loves. Her scope of professionalism was diversified by her first job as a sales support intern at Alliance 360 Insurance Solutions, this position encouraged her to further explore her curiosity for pharmaceutical studies. However, this does not necessarily imply that she is not interested in broadening her horizons to other career paths. She plans to learn more about BioTech or Hospital administration.


In her free time, Anna often partakes in impulsive trips to the beach and mall alongside her friends through means of relaxation. She often seeks out for solo study sessions at cafe shops and often regrets spending money on overpriced matcha lattes in repercussion. More often than not, she’s driving around San Diego, jamming to her favorite genre of music: Rap and R&B. Joining Alpha Kappa Psi as a pre-health focused individual, she understood the values of community and professional development. Nothing compares to the invaluable experience and knowledge the organization has presented her. She is truly thankful for the opportunity to call herself a brother alongside these amazing individuals.

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