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Angela Giang



Long Beach, CA

Angela Giang graduated from UC San Diego in Spring 2022 with a major in Management Science and a minor in Accounting. She finished her degree early but decided to stay an extra year in San Diego to fulfill her desire for a complete college experience. Building connections and consistently seeking new opportunities are important concepts she learned from her time in AKPsi and UC San Diego.


Accounting has been a career pathway that Angela was intrigued by since her freshman year at UC San Diego. Recently completing a Tax Consulting internship at Deloitte, she decided to further her career and study for her CPA license. Until she returns to accounting, Angela is exploring other realms of business development since she desires to have a diverse reach of experiences. She is currently working as an Operations/HR Assistant for Bainbridge Inc., a data-driven investment banking firm that also focuses in Mergers & Acquisitions buy/sell consulting. Ultimately, being her own boss is something Angela has envisioned for herself since starting her own small business during the height of the pandemic. Angela’s Etsy shop “ArtByAngl” is her passion project that turned into a way she could intersect her desire for a creative outlet with her interest in entrepreneurship. With many different interests, Angela knows her professional timeline will be unique to her personality.


Outside of the professional world, Angela spends a lot time exploring her love for art through various mediums. Angela also enjoys the little things in life such as going to cute cafes to do work or baking goodies for her fellow brothers to enjoy. Creating is a special part of her life that brings joy and brightness to those around her as well. Giving back to her community is important to Angela and it will continue to be a source of motivation for the rest of her life. Since AKPsi played a huge part in her professional and personal development, Angela hopes that those who seek to join this organization feel the same sentiment.

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