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Andrew Yee



Sacramento, CA

Andrew Yee, a first-year Business Economics major at UC San Diego, is driven by a passion for consulting and finance. He values the courage to explore new ventures and views failure as a stepping stone towards success. Eager to embark on his academic journey, Andrew eagerly anticipates embracing the wealth of opportunities awaiting him over the next four years.


With a determination to immerse himself in the world of business, Andrew remains open to delving into various facets of the field. His early exposure to his father's small business instilled in him a deep admiration for the intricacies of entrepreneurship and its impact on society. Drawing from his experiences as an Eagle Scout, where he honed his leadership skills through various roles, Andrew aspires to become a compassionate and effective business leader. He envisions himself contributing as a consultant, dedicated to aiding businesses in reaching their fullest potential.


In his spare time, Andrew finds peace in the outdoors, whether its playing basketball or backpacking across a new landscape. Driving along the California coast with friends, collecting vinyl records, and immersing himself in nature provide him with moments of joy and relaxation. Additionally, his love for music is shown through playing piano and guitar, as he enjoys jamming along with his friends who share the same interest in music. As a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, Andrew considers the organization integral to his personal and professional growth. He values the enriching learning environment and the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with individuals who inspire him. Andrew looks forward to the rewarding experiences and growth that lie ahead within the supportive community of Alpha Kappa Psi.

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