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Andrew Monteilh


Orinda, CA

Andrew is a third year transfer student in Warren College studying international business with a minor in economics. Growing up, Andrew has lived internationally in countries like Scotland, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, as well as both coasts of the U.S. This international experience motivated his adventurous spirit and ultimate degree choice.


After graduation, Andrew hopes to land a career that can bridge the intersection between his creative free spirit and the stability of business. With prior experience relating to advertising, marketing, and information systems, Andrew is fascinated by the fast paced world of technology and social media. Having previously interned at a small Hong Kong social venture startup on their marketing team, he is excited to experience a change of pace interning at Amazon this summer.


Outside of the professional world, Andrew is the Director of Alumni Relations in UCSD’s International Studies Student Association and enjoys being able to reach out to and meet new people. His hobbies include playing and writing music with friends, spontaneous road trips across the coast, and being a self proclaimed TikTok influencer. Despite transferring to UCSD during the pandemic, Andrew is beyond grateful to have received the opportunity to finally feel a sense of belonging in his hectic college career through Alpha Kappa Psi. Though the transition to a new school was extremely daunting, Andrew believes that taking the initiative to come out to the fraternity’s events and become part of the brotherhood made it so worthwhile.

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