Alisha Supanekar



San Diego, CA

Alisha Supanekar is a second-year student from ERC majoring in International Studies - Political Science and minoring in Cognitive Science. Her greatest passion in life is helping people through any means possible. Growing up in San Diego, she has been surrounded by a diverse community that has contributed to her passion for helping people. She believes that the most valuable trait one can have is empathy for others, as you never truly know what someone may be going through.


Her current academic interests are International Humanitarian Law, Social Work, as well as Cognitive Science. She seeks internships where she can actively help others achieve their goals, big or small. Alisha recently interned at Admission Crew to help aid high school seniors during the college admission process. In the future, Alisha hopes to use her love for helping others to make a lasting impact.


Alisha has found an amazing community in AKP, not only for the professionalism but for the bonds she has created.