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Alisha Supanekar



San Diego, CA

Alisha is a fourth-year majoring in International Studies with a focus on Political Science and minoring in Cognitive Science and Computational Science. Her goal is to discover avenues that blend face-to-face interactions with the public while also using science and data to support others. Alisha’s passion lies in public service and serving the broader community.

Currently, Alisha is interning with the City of San Diego in the role of a Policy and Administrative Intern, specifically within Councilmember Campillo's Office. Her primary responsibilities include assisting with constituent inquiries, conducting research, and supporting the day-to-day office functions. Prior to this, Alisha gained valuable experience working at the UC San Diego Office of Admissions, where she interacted with prospective students and their parents. As she enters her fourth year, Alisha is actively seeking opportunities that enable her to directly engage with individuals, aiming to contribute to practical solutions and tackle real-world problems.

In her free time, Alisha explores Hillcrest with her roommates, trying out new foods. To unwind, she creates miniature DIY projects. Staying active is important for her, so you might spot her going on walks or hitting the gym. Alisha's involvement in Alpha Kappa Psi has been key in her professional and social growth. She aspires to share the valuable knowledge she has gained with those who wish to join our fraternity.

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