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Alisha Supanekar



San Diego, CA

Alisha Supanekar is a third year International Studies-Political Science major with a Cognitive Science minor. She believes that empathy is the greatest strength that one can have because putting yourself in someone else’s shoes gives you perspective that you may not have. Her passions lie in giving back to others as she has been surrounded by a strong support system her entire life.


She currently works at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at UC San Diego as a Student Assistant where she helps prospective and first-year students navigate the admissions process. Her current goals are to gain experience working in political and grassroot organizations to support marginalized groups. Alisha is always willing to explore new surroundings and will be studying abroad in Sydney, Australia during fall quarter 2022.


In her free time, Alisha loves to express herself through pottery and painting. She also enjoys going to the beach and soaking up the San Diego sun. She likes to go on hikes, play with animals, and eat delicious food. By joining Alpha Kappa Psi, Alisha found a strong support system that encourages her to put her best foot forward.

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