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Alexisann Cavada



Northridge, CA

Alexis Cavada is a second year Sociology and Business Psychology major in Marshall College, with an immense passion for child advocacy and making positive interactions with others. She was raised in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. When asked who she is, her immediate answer is an older sister. An older sister to three younger boys. Growing up, family has always been a core pillar to her growth, which has translated into her professional career. She values the importance of recognizing those in need and helping others. She values empathy and humility and strongly believes that exercising those values are vital to becoming an effective child advocate lawyer. She aspires to impact change in the foster care system one day, whether it be through a profession or some other means.


With experience in working with kids, she has worked at a kid's gym/ day center that specializes in dealing with kids on the spectrum. Working there has only furthered her passion and drive to understand and help those children in emotional need or support. Although currently pursuing a career in law she is also currently exploring other areas of interest such as marketing, she recognizes overlaps in her passions and hopes to one day find a way to intersect her passion for helping others and the marketing aspect of business. Professionally, her interest in marketing was sparked when assisting her dad design a marketing plan for his caregiving agency. It was there that she found interest in being able to bring energy and bring something to life in order to market a product. After graduating UCSD, she hopes to study in Europe before coming back to California in hopes to work.


In her free time, Alexis often reads a variety of books and is consistently making a variety of Spotify playlists. She often listens to a lot of music from almost any genre, with the most being 50s jazz. You can often find her drinking too much coffee, with her friends, or making a raucous in between sets at the gym. Alpha Kappa Psi has given her a place to not only pursue her professional interests but has given her a home to excel in her hobbies and passions.

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