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Alexia Francisco



San Jose, CA

Alexia is a first year in Seventh College studying Chemical Engineering and minoring in design, with an interest in Computer Science. Growing up in San Jose, Alexia has adapted to fast-paced, tech-oriented environments. Her dad taught her to build computers at a young age and, ever since, Alexia has found a love for programming. She values problem-solving and exploring as many interests as possible. Currently, Alexia is hoping to pursue a career in biotechnology or software engineering.


In her free time, Alexia studies with friends or indulges in her hobbies such as doing nails, mixed martial arts, playing tetris, watching anime, and listening to music. Alpha Kappa Psi has given her a community of supportive, driven individuals who have introduced her to a variety of fields. She is thankful for the professional guidance from the fraternity and is excited for what the future holds.

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