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Alan Lin



Stockton, CA

Alan Lin is a transfer student majoring in History and Communications with double minors in Business and Marketing. Growing up, Alan learned the profound significance of kindness and the value of forging meaningful connections from his immigrant parents. His parents’ teachings have left an indelible mark on Alan, emphasizing the power of kindness towards others and the profound impact of creating genuine, meaningful connections. Alan’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to these principles, as he constantly seeks to create moments where he can look back with a smile, thankful for his relentless efforts to be kind and connect meaningfully with the people he meets.

Since transferring to UCSD, Alan has undergone multiple career shifts. He initially explored health care (nursing), then shifted his focus to Corporate Law, and ultimately found his passion in social media marketing. Through these evolving interests, Alan embraces the journey of self discovery, cherishing the valuable lessons learned along the way. His open-mindedness stands out as a driving force behind these shifts, enabling him to adapt and explore new avenues with curiosity and enthusiasm. Alan firmly believes that open-mindedness is the key to personal and professional growth, allowing him to navigate the ever-changing corporate world with versatility and a broader perspective. As he envisions his future, Alan is excited to continue harnessing the power of open-mindedness to make a positive impact in the dynamic landscape of business, communication, entrepreneurship. He hopes that in the future, with his diverse skill sets, he can one day open his own Dim Sum restaurant.

Aside from his professional ambitions, some of Alan’s hobbies include traveling around the world, watching the beautiful sunsets of San Diego, hanging out with friends, photography, and playing League of Legends in his free time. Alpha Kappa Psi has played a significant role in Alan’s collegiate life, providing him with a supportive and ambitious community that has been instrumental in his personal and professional development. He is deeply thankful for the ongoing professional guidance and unwavering support he receives from the fraternity and his fellow brothers. He is excited for what the future has in store for him.

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