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Akshat Jain



Sunnyvale, CA

Akshat Jain is a third year Computer Science major with a primary interest in software engineering, but also hopes to explore technical consulting in the future. He was born and raised in India until the age of 8, around when he moved to the Bay Area, California. He considers himself to be a very self-aware and thoughtful person, actively seeking ways to improve himself as a person. Above anything, he believes that a defining aspect of college life, and even adult life, is forming strong connections with people.


Going into high school, Akshat wanted to be a lawyer. His desire for criminal law stemmed from watching numerous crime shows, and a passion for contract law was developed when he competed nationally for Business Law in Future Business Leaders of America. However, after taking a computer science course in his sophomore year of high school, and through inspiration from his father, a software engineer himself, Akshat determined that he would pursue software engineering. He has interned at SoFlo Tutoring, where he helped with business development through various sorts of automation, but also by contributing his own ideas for improving the business. It was through this experience that Akshat determined he would like to pursue a career beyond software engineering, in the business world. In the future, he hopes to stay flexible with his career, exploring different positions until he finds one that is not only exciting, but allows him to see the impact he is making.


Aside from his professional side, Akshat loves spending quality time with his friends and brothers from Alpha Kappa Psi. This quality time can be, but is not limited to, hitting an intense chest day, going on late night drives, exploring new food or coffee places in San Diego, or studying hard at Geisel Library. He also has a strong curiosity for things, and you can always find him learning about something new, whether it be a new genre of music, a different gym split, or a new type of food.


Akshat is beyond grateful to have joined Alpha Kappa Psi, as it has not only allowed him to grow professionally, but find an amazing community of people with whom he has already formed bonds that will last a lifetime.

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