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Adi Krishnamoorthy



Irvine, CA

Adi Krishnamoorthy is a second year Math-CS major and Economics minor in Sixth College. He likes to go beyond the ordinary and explore unorthodox methods of performing tasks.


He extends this to his career interests, which he is still trying to hone in. His goal is to strike a balance between something stable and something that involves the exploration of the unknown. More than anything, though, he likes to learn new things, and aspires to reach the depths of modern knowledge to make meaningful and impactful new discoveries that he can write books about.


Adi recognizes the importance of meaningful relationships in college and decided to rush Alpha Kappa Psi to find a place in a community. In his free time, Adi enjoys hiking, especially in mountainous regions, due to the explorative nature of it. Likewise, he loves to explore and sightsee National parks and other countries. His advice to everyone is to push through hardships and ensure that all end goals are achieved and all deviations are accounted for.

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