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Adi Krishnamoorthy



Irvine, CA

Adi is a third-year Mathematics-Computer Science major and Economics minor. Originally from New Jersey, he is proud to be a part of his ethnic and social community. He embarks on the process of self-improvement for the betterment of all aspects - whether academic, social, or health and fitness-related - of his life.

Growing up, Adi always enjoyed problem-solving and logic, and loved solving brain teasers, Rubik's cubes, and puzzles. He intends on building a career from these interests, and wants to do research where he uses one or more of these areas to discover new phenomena in the real world. Adi wants to go beyond the ordinary and explore unorthodox methods of performing tasks, and in turn would like to find a balance between something stable and something involving the exploration of the unknown. More than anything, however, he likes to learn new things, and aspires to reach the depths of knowledge to make meaningful and impactful new discoveries that he can write books about.

Outside his professional life, Adi recognizes the importance of making meaningful relationships in college. He decided to rush Alpha Kappa Psi to find a place in a community, and loves spending time with his brothers there. Adi also takes his enjoyment of learning new things to his non-professional life - he loves to bake both sweet and savory dishes for the enjoyment of all his friends. He also likes to create and cook new, healthy dishes inspired by those of his South Indian heritage.He also enjoys traveling to new places, and has been to several countries all around the world. Adi's advice to everyone is to push through hardships and ensure that all end goals are achieved and all deviations are accounted for.

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