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Aaron Moon



Aliso Viejo, CA

Aaron is a third-year Mathematics-Computer Science major and Design minor in Warren College. He was born in California, but lived most of his life relocating, having lived in different parts of Orange County, Virginia, and South Korea. While also growing up with a Spanish-immersion education, these experiences have shaped his diverse perspective on personal connections and lifestyle. With anything he does, Aaron hopes to learn something out of every experience and pursue new endeavors.


Professionally, Aaron is still discovering potential career possibilities, but is always seeking to take action in whatever he is interested in. Initially, he was planning on pursuing Software Engineering with a love for Web Development, but after joining Alpha Kappa Psi he was introduced to endless career opportunities only growing his passion for learning. With a new interest in UI/UX and Product Management, he hopes to pursue a career that allows him to use his wide range of skillsets and love for cross-functional collaboration.


Outside of his professional career, you will most likely find Aaron attempting to stay consistent at the gym or rock climbing. He loves to indulge in his food cravings by visiting his favorite restaurants and discovering new ones as well. He is happiest when creating new memories with his friends and family. Through Alpha Kappa Psi, he has been able to grow tremendously professionally and in his personal life. He is ever-so thankful to his brothers for all their love and support and can't wait to create more memories with them.

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